More of my stuff online

I was at Whitley Bay tonight, in the downstairs pub instead of the upstairs club, and it was really nice; A lovely friendly audience of about 50 people. I missed loads of stuff out and still did 54 minutes, just having a craic as they say in Kurdestan. But that’s not what this is about.

After the show, a young lady came up and asked if she could buy a DVD. I don’t sell DVDs at the moment, I told her, but there are a few bits on YouTube. “Not enough”, she said. (She’s a caravan owner and has seen my act about a dozen times)

And so, for that young lady, and anyone else who feels there isn’t enough on my YouTube channel, here are some links to some of my previous work before I was Nick L’Mao.

Goodie & Nick YouTube channel – Before I was Nick L’Mao, I was in a comedy double act called Goodie & Nick – There’s loads of videos here including the shopping song, plus a 3 part video of our full show. Its good stuff.

KFK’s YouTube channel – While I was in Goodie and Nick I sometimes made videos in my spare time under the online pseudonym of Keith Fisher King. A couple of them were really successful and got about a quarter of a million hits each. You might like them.

Ashley De La Zouch – My 1st Youtube persona was as the french chef Ashley De La Zouch. This is his channel where he’ll teach you how to cook proper steak, amongst other things.

I have had a couple of other YouTube alter-egos, but I’m not giving you them as they’re far too embarrassing. Enjoy!