August 2013

Internet Song
The 2nd Time I did The Internet Song – Southerness Bay.

Howdy everyone! Just realised I haven’t put anything new on here in ages, so I thought I’d bring you up to date with my goings on.

Firstly, my second year as Nick L’Mao has been really weird. At the start of the year it looked like I wasn’t going to get any gigs, but then I got a trickle and by August the trickle had turned into a flood. And August was MENTAL. I only had 2 days off, and maybe I took on a bit too much as I got ill at the tail end and had to cancel a couple of dates.

Poorlyness aside, 2013 has been brilliant. I’ve changed the act a lot – I’ve been particularly pleased with The Internet Song – and the act has gone down great nearly everywhere. In fact, I’ve only had one night this year that I would class as “ok”. All the rest have been “good” to “great” to “fantastic”. Woo-hoo!

Well, I’ve got 4 weeks off now so time for a rest and time to work on some new ideas I’ve had and one in particular that I have very high hopes for. A big Hello to all the new Twitter Followers and Facebook Likers I’ve gained in August. HELLO!