My Downton Abbey Parody

Lately, my wife has been forcing me to watch Downton Abbey. Hang on, let me rephrase that: Lately, my wife and I have been spending quality time together catching up on the quality period drama Downton Abbey. I might sound flippant there, but I do actually like it – It’s like olde worlde Coronation Street. Of course, it’s not. Anyway, I wondered aloud on Twitter if anyone had done a parody song about it using Petula Clark’s “Downtown”. I thought it was so likely that I decided to not have a look until I’d done my own version. And here it is! I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and the video took AGES!

I was thinking about adding it to me live show, but when I uploaded it to the usual places it didn’t get a lot of interest in the first couple of days. It does seem to have been picked up by some of the Downton Fan Blog community now so maybe? What do you think?